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"Russian Use of the Antitank Rifle" from Intelligence Bulletin

Translation of a set of seven directions for Russian antitank riflemen, from the Intelligence Bulletin, November 1942.

[Editor's Note: The following article is wartime information on foreign tactics and equipment published for Allied soldiers. In most cases, more accurate data on foreign tactics and equipment is available in postwar publications.]



In destroying German tanks, Russian antitank riflemen follow a set of directions, which are given here in condensed form as a matter of information:

"1. Show daring. Let the enemy tanks come within 200 yards or closer. The best range is 100 to 200 yards. Don't let the enemy fire lead you to open your own fire too soon.

"2. The antitank rifle can fire 8 to 10 rounds per minute, if the gunner and his assistant use teamwork. The gunner opens and closes the breech, aims, and fires; the assistant, lying on his right, cleans and oils the shell and places it in the chamber.

"3. Remember that for a distance of as much as 400 yards, the effect of the wind need not be considered.

"4. Remember the deflection correction for the movement of the tank. At a speed of 22.5 miles per hour, a lead of 1 yard is required for every 100 yards of range.

"5. Aim for the rear of the turret—the gunner and ammunition are there. If you hit the ammunition, you can blow up the tank.

"6. Fire at the center of the rear half of the tank—the motor and the fuel containers are there. If you hit either one, you will put the tank out of action.

"7. A well-camouflaged gun crew can put any tank out of action with well-aimed shots, and can block a road to a whole column of tanks."

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