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"Security in the Field" from Intelligence Bulletin

[Intelligence Bulletin Cover]   Report on German field security measures based on captured German orders, from the Intelligence Bulletin, January 1943.

[Editor's Note: The following article is wartime information on foreign tactics and equipment published for Allied soldiers. In most cases, more accurate data is available in postwar publications.]


A German order giving instructions regarding security measures is published here as a matter of interest to our own forces.

In view of a regrettable loss which has occurred, it is necessary to call attention to often-repeated orders concerning security. All commanders, adjutants, liaison officers, doctors, and orderlies will be impressed immediately and most strongly with the following points:

Written orders and marked maps must contain only information which is essential for other ranks to know. All supplementary information about the general plan of operations will be given verbally.

Important orders and situation maps must never be taken into the front line.

Matches, hand grenades, or other means of producing fire must always be kept at hand for the immediate destruction of orders in cases when delay involves danger. The division will carry out periodic inspections in order to supervise the execution of this order.

Great care must be exercised during telephone conversations since the English appear to tap connections.

Radio messages may be sent in the clear only when delay would entail grave danger.

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