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"Destruction of Disabled Tanks" from Tactical and Technical Trends

The following U.S. report on fire from disabled German tanks in Tunisia was originally printed in Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 27, June 17, 1943.

[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department publication Tactical and Technical Trends. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


All U.S. officers interviewed by an American military observer in Tunisia have emphasized the absolute necessity for finishing off a German tank that has been disabled. One half-track of a U.S. tank-destroyer battalion, after stopping two German tanks, moved forward; as it passed one of the two disabled tanks, a German soldier turned the tank machine gun on the half-track and killed or wounded the entire crew.

Comment: In connection with the above, it should also be noted that under favorable circumstances the Germans have been quick to recover disabled tanks during the night.


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