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"Fuel Supply for Tanks" from Tactical and Technical Trends

The following report on the storage of fuel containers on the outside of German tanks was originally published in Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 7, Sept. 10, 1942.

[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department publication Tactical and Technical Trends. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


Photographs have shown that German tanks carry a certain amount of spare gasoline in containers at the back of the turret, strapped or otherwise fixed to the vehicle. However, in the Middle East a recent document has been captured which states that it is now forbidden for any German armored vehicles to carry gasoline containers outside on racks or in any other way. This order applies to all armored vehicles including armored cars and troops carriers.


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