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WWII Photo Features

This section features documents and photographs from our personal collection of WWII historical material. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional photographs and documents.

1: Pz II & Sdkfz 233 - Captured tank and armored car in North Africa
2: German Panthers - Late-war Panthers destroyed by U.S. 102nd Infantry Division
3: 85th Eng. Markings - Vehicle markings of 85th Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalion
4: Dummy Panthers - Intel report from Intelligence Bulletin
5: Adandoned Tiger - Panzer VI of s.Pz.Abt. 504 in Italy

6: Margaret Bourke-White - Fürth, Germany, April 1945
7: Jeep, 80th Inf. Div. - Jeep of 305th Combat Engineers, 80th Infantry Division in Germany
8: German Equipment - Photographs of captured German tanks and guns
9: Red Cross Clubmobile - Clubmobile "Southern Belle"
10: Ambulances - Lineup of German medical vehicles in Italy

11: Metz - Damaged railyards
12: Panzer III - Intel photographs of Pz IIIs captured in North Africa
13: Ferry - Trucks cross a river by ferry
14: 561st Uniform - Early-war uniform photograph from 561st
15: 89th Inf. Div. - Two photos of U.S. 89th Infantry Division in Europe

16: M6 HST - M6 high-speed tractor from an unknown artillery unit
17: 406th Officers - Officer roster from 406th Infantry Regiment
18: Saarlautern - Signal Corps photo of men of the 65th Infantry Division in Saarlautern, Germany
19: Luftwaffe Uniforms - Luftwaffe soldiers wearing the Fliegerbluse
20: Sherman Tank Dozer - Post-war construction work in Bremen, Germany

21: 76th Infantry Uniforms - Newspaper article on uniform regulations
22: 102nd Infantry - Signal Corps photo of MP in Kofferen, Germany
23: Captured German Cars - Two photographs of captured German cars in U.S. service
24: Jagdtiger - Jagdtigers of s.Pz.Jäg.Abt. 512 surrender to U.S. 99th Infantry Division in Iserlohn
25: Destroyed Railroads - Destroyed rolling stock in Duren and Weisbaden

#26: Dug-In Jeep - U.S. jeeps dug-in in Italy
#27: Anti-tank Dog Battalion - "Bow-Wow Bomb," an intelligence report on Japanese anti-tank dogs
#28: Destroyed Shermans - Four photos of destroyed Sherman tanks in Italy
#29: Military Police - MPs pose on the hood of an M3 Scout Car
#30: Bill Mauldin - Famous Willie and Joe cartoonist in his jeep "Jeanie"

#31: Armored Bulldozer - Dozer from the 103rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 28th Infantry Division
#32: 407th Raiders Football Team - Post-war photo of 407th Infantry Regiment football team
#33: German War Graves - German military cemetery in Italy
#34: Subcaliber Gunnery Training - submachine gun tank mount for subcaliber training
#35: 3rd Tank Battalion - Tanks and men of 10th Armored Division

#36: Bachem Ba 349 "Natter" - Intel report on German rocket-powered fighter
#37: 90-mm vs. Panther - Ordnance handbook photos of 90-mm ammunition against Panther armor
#38: Wreckage in Italy I - Abandoned 88mm Flak 41 and ambulance
#39: Wreckage in Italy II - Destroyed Panzer IV and Italian tank
#40: Russian T-26 Tank - German troops with destroyed T-26 light tank

#41: German Car - Civilian car impressed into Wehrmacht service
#42: V-2 Rocket Support Vehicles - Equipment for V-2 rocket launching battery
#43: Dodge WC 3/4-ton - Truck from the Medical Detachment, 406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Inf. Div.


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