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German Hand & Rifle Grenades
Bulletin No. 59, March 7, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a U.S. wartime publication on enemy ordnance. As with all wartime material, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the original contents. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]

Pistol Grenade
Wurfkorper Leuchtpistole


Overall length       6.89 inches.
Maximum Diameter3 inches.
ColorOlive Green.
Delay4.5 seconds.
Range80 yards.


This grenade is fired from the 27 mm. Walther Signal Pistol. It consists of the normal egg-hand grenade attached to a plastic stem or body by a retaining tube. The plastic stem contains the firing pin, delay igniter, detonator, and a base adapter for the propelling charge. The end of the stem is closed before firing by a cardboard cap.

The retaining tube fits through the hollow stem and is threaded to it. The retaining tube is also threaded to the grenade body and contains in its forward part the 4.5 second igniter. In the base of the tube is a fuze consisting of a firing pin held away from the primer by a creep spring and safety pin. An alloy flash tube connects the primer to the delay igniter.

Screwed into the base of the plastic stem is a base adapter containing a primer and propelling charge.


Before firing the safety pin is pulled out and the grenade is then armed. The stem is placed in a barrel reinforcing tube which is inserted previously in the barrel of the pistol. On impact the firing pin overcomes the creep spring and impinges the primer thus igniting the delay igniter which will detonate the explosive after a delay of approximately 4.5 seconds.

[Pistol Grenade (Wurfkorper 361 Leuchtpistole)]


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