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German Hand & Rifle Grenades
Bulletin No. 59, March 7, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a U.S. wartime publication on enemy ordnance. As with all wartime material, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the original contents. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]

Stick Hand Grenade Models 24 & 39
Stielhandgranates 24 & 39

Data - MODEL 24

Overall length       1' 2"
Diameter of body2-3/4"
Color of bodyOlive drab.
Weight1/2 lb.
Weight of explosive filler6 ozs.
Explosive FillerT.N.T.
IgniterB.Z. 24
Delay4-5 sec.

Data - MODEL 39

Overall length       1' 4"
ColorOlive drab.
Weight1 lb. 6 oz.
Weight of explosive filler7 ozs.
IgniterB.Z. 24
Effective blast radius16 yards.
Delay4 - 5 sec.


These grenades are similar in all characteristics except size.

These grenades consist of a thin iron or steel casing, or head, containing the explosive filler, which is screwed onto a hollow wooden handle, through the center of which runs a double length of cord. This cord is attached at one end to a lead ball which is part of the igniter, and at the other end to a porcelain ball. The cavity in which the porcelain ball rests is closed by a metal cap that screws on. Inside the cap is a spring-actuated metal disc that prevents movement of the porcelain ball.

These grenades use igniter B.Z.24 consisting of a lead tube or sheath connected to a threaded brass fitting by a short steel tube. The steel tube is threaded on both ends and contains the powder delay pellet. The lead tube contains the copper capsule which holds the friction composition. The friction wire is cast in the friction composition contained in the capsule being coiled at the bottom to provide resistance to pulling and joined to the "pull" loop at its opposite end. When the loop is pulled it frees itself from the lead tube drawing the wire through the friction composition and the resulting flame ignites the delay pellet.


The metal cap is unscrewed from the handle and the porcelain ball is pulled. This will pull a wire through the delay pellet. The grenade is then thrown and after a 4 - 5 sec. delay the delay pellet will initiate the detonator.

[German Stick Hand Grenade Model 24]


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