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TM-E 30-480: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces
Technical Manual, U.S. War Department, October 1, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text and illustrations are taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Technical Manual. As with all wartime manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the original technical manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]

Chapter XII: Conventional Signs and Abbreviations

Section II: Geographic Signs


[Geographic Signs: Imperial Land Survey Department Signs]

[Geographic Signs: Imperial Land Survey Department Signs]

2. Japanese hydrographic office signs (signs listed are variant or supplementary to those in paragraph 1 of this section; Japanese Army shipping signs are listed in paragraph 1, section III of this chapter, Navy conventional signs in paragraph 2 of the same section).

Symbol         English
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Large harbor or anchorage.
Small harbor or anchorage.
Anchorage for junks.
Ship entrance.
Ship anchorage with facilities.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Ship anchorage.
Possible anchorage.
Emergency anchorage.
Possible emergency anchorage.
Light buoy.
Mooring buoy.
Buoys (in general drawn to represent the actual shape of the buoy).
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Light beacon, fixed.
Beacons, flashing: White.
Lighting facilities.
Government landing field.
Commercial landing field.
Emergency landing field.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Seaplane anchorage with facilities.
Seaplane anchorage.
Possible seaplane anchorage.
Emergency seaplane anchorage.
Marine bureau.
Coast guard station.
Lifeboat station.
Observation point.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Submarine cable.
Radio station.
Radio broadcasting station.
Tank (oil, gas, or water).
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Race track.
Golf links.
Temple, shrine.
Imperial palace, garden, shrine, or mausoleum.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Coast line.
Drying coast line.
Sand beach.
Steep coast line.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Reef.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         10-fathom line (1 dot).
20-fathom line (2 dots).
50-fathom line (5 dots).
100-fathom line (10 dots).
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Flood tide.
Ebb tide.
Ocean current (direction and speed).
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         River and stream.
[Japanese Hydrographic Office Signs]         Waterfall.
Swamp and marsh.
Fortified and aviation prohibited zone.
Civil air line.
High voltage transmission line.

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