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TM-E 30-480: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces
Technical Manual, U.S. War Department, October 1, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text and illustrations are taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Technical Manual. As with all wartime manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the original technical manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]

Chapter XIII: Military Terms and Characters

Following is a list of military terms and their Japanese equivalents in Romaji and characters which may be useful to unit intelligence officers:


Military term         Japanese equivalent         Character
Air         Hikō, kōkū         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     -army Kōkūgun
     -divisionHikō shidan
     -intelligence unit Kōkū jōhōtai
     -regiment Hikō sentai
     -signal unit Kōkū tsūshintai
     -company Hikō chūtai
     -training brigade Kyōdō hikōdan
     -training company Kyōiku hikō chūtai
     -transport unit Kōkū yusōtai
     Direct cooperation-unit Chokkyō hikōtai
     Field-replacement unit Yasen hojū hikōtai
     Independent-company (unit) Dokuritsu hikō chūtai (tai)
     Raiding-company Teishin hikō chūtai
Airfield Hikōjō
     -battalion (company) Hikōjō daitai (chūtai)
     -training battalion Kyōdō hikōjō daitai
     Field-construction unit         Yasen hikōjō setteitai         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
Amphibious battalion Kaijō kidō daitai
Antiaircraft artillery Kōshahō
     -regiment Kōshahō rentai
     Cavalry brigade-unit Kihei ryodan kōshahōtai
     Field-battalionYasen kōshahō daitai
     Independent-battalion Dokuritsu kōshahō daitai
     Independent field-company Dokuritsu yasen kōshahō chūtai
     Independent mixed brigade-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan kōshahōtai
     Shipping-regiment. Sempaku kōshahō rentai
Antiaircraft defense Bōkū
     -regiment Bōkū rentai
     -balloon unit Bōkū kikyūtai
     -observation unit Bōkū kanshitai
     Field-unit Yasen bōkūtai
     Independent-battalion Dokuritsu bōkū daitai
Anti-tank gunSokushahō
     Cavalry brigade-unit Kihei ryodan sokushahōtai
     Independent battalion (company)         Dokuritsu sokushahō daitai (chūtai)         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
Armored carSōkōsha
     Independent-companyDokuritsu sōkōsha chūtai
     Independent light-companyDokuritsu keisōkōsha chūtai
     Infantry group-companyHoheidan sōkōsha chūtai
Armored trainSōkō ressha
     -unitSōkō resshatai
Army Gun
     -commanderGun shireikan
     -district Gunkanku
     -headquartersGun shireibu
     -commandHōhei shireibu
     -group Hōheidan
     -intelligence (observation) regiment Hōhei jōhō rentai
     Border garrison-unitKokkyō shubitai hōheitai
     Cavalry brigade-unitKihei rvodan hōheitai
     Fortress heavy-regimentYōsai jūhōhei rentai
     Field-regimentYahōhei rentai
     Heavy-regimentJūhōhei rentai
     Horse-regimentKihōhei rentai
     Independent field-battalion (regiment)         Dokuritsu yahōhei daitai (rentai)         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     Independent garrison-unit Dokuritsu shubitai hōheitai
     Independent heavy-battalion (company) Dokuritsu jūhōhei daitai (chūtai)
     Independent mixed brigade-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan hōheitai
     Independent mountain (pack)-bn. (regt.) Dokuritsu sampōhei daitai (rentai)
     Medium-battalion (regiment) Yasen jūhōhei daitai (rentai)
     Mountain (pack)-regiment Sampōhei rentai
     Shipping-regiment training unit Sempaku hōhei rentai kyōikutai
Balloon Kikyū
     -company (regiment) Kikyū chūtai (rentai)
Battalion Daitai
     -commander Daitaichō
     -headquarters Daitai hombu
Board of Field Marshals and Fleet Admirals Gensuifu
Border garrison Kokkyō shubitai
Bridge building material company Gakyō zairyō chūtai
Brigade Ryodan
     -commander Ryodanchō
     -headquarters Ryodan shireibu
Casualty clearing station Kanja yusōbu
Cavalry Kihei
     -battalion Kihei daitai
     -brigade Kihei ryodan
     -group         Kihei shūdan         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     -regimentKihei rentai
     -commander Chūtaichō
Construction duty companyKenchiku kimmu chūtai
Debarkation group (unit)Yōrikudan (tai)
     Field freight Yasen kamotsushō
     Field motor transport Yasen jidōshashō
     Field ordnance Yasen heikishō
     Field remount Yasen hojū bashō
Depot division Rusu shidan
Detail Han
Division Shidan
     -commander Shidanchō
     -district Shikan
     -headquarters Shidan shireibu
Depot Rusu shidan
Engineer Kōhei
     -regiment Kōhei rentai
     -unit Kōheitai
     Border garrison-unit Kokkyō shubitai kōheitai
     Cavalry brigade-unit Kihei rvodan koheitai
     Division-unit         Shidan kōheitai         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     Fortress-unit Yōsai kōheitai
     Independent-battalion (co., reg.) Dokuritsu kōhei daitai (chūtai, rentai)
     Independent mixed brigade-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan kōheitai
     Shipping-regiment Sempaku kōhei rentai
     Tank group-unit Senshadan kōheitai
Field construction unit Yasen kenchikutai
Field duty unit Yasen kimmutai
Field replacement unit Yasen hojūtai
Field road unit Yasen dōrotai
Field well-construction company Yasen sakusei chūtai
Fortress Yōsai
     -headquarters Yōsai shireibu
Garrison Shubitai
     Border Kokkyō shubitai
     Independent Dokuritsu shubitai
Gas Gasu
     -battalion Gasu daitai
     Field-company Yasen gasu chūtai
     Independent-company Dokuritsu gasu chūta
General Defense HeadquartersBōei Sōshireibu
General StaffSambō Hombu
     Army         Rikugun byōin         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     FieldYasen byōin
     Line of communicationHeitan byōin
     Line of communication veterinaryHeitan byōbashō
     Veterinary quarantineGumba bōekishō
Imperial HeadquartersDaihonei
Independent mixed brigadeDokuritsu konsei ryodan
Independent mixed regimentDokuritsu konsei rentai
     -brigade Hohei ryodan
     -group Hoheidan
     -mortar battalion (regiment) Hakugeki daitai (rentai)
     -regimentHohei rentai
     Border garrison-unitKokkyō shubitai hoheitai
     Fortress-unitYōsai hoheitai
     Independent-battalion (regiment, unit)Dokuritsu hohei daitai (rentai, tai)
     Independent garrison-battalionDokuritsu shubitai hohei daitai
Inspectorate General of AviationRikugun Kōkū Sōkambu
Inspectorate General of Military TrainingKyōiku Sōkambu
Land duty companyRikujō kimmu chūtai
Launching unit (boat)Hansui sagyōtai
Line of communication garrison Heitan shubitai
Machine cannon         Kikanhō         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     Field-company Yasen kikanhō chūtai
Medical Eisei
     -unit Eiseitai
     Division-unit Shidan eiseitai
     Independent mixed brigade-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan eiseitai
     Line of communication-unit Heitan eiseitai
Meteorological Kishō
     -company (regiment, unit) Kisha chūtai (rentai, tai)
     Field-battalion (unit) Yasen kishō daitai (tai)
Military affairs district Heijiku
Mortar (artillery) Kyūhō
     Independent-battalion (regiment) Dokuritsu kyūhō daitai (rentai)
Motor transport (See transport).
Platoon Shōtai
     -commander Shōtaichō
Radio Musen
     Fixed-unit Kotei musentai
     Special-location unit Tokushu musen hyōteitai
     Special-unit Tokushu musentai
     -group Teishindan
     -regiment Teishin rentai
     -training regiment Kyōdō teishin rentai
Railway         Tetsudō         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     -inspectorate Tetsudō kambu
     -regiment Tetsudō rentai
     -transport command Tetsudō yusō shireibu
     Field-command Yasen tetsudō shireibu
     Special-command Tokusetsu tetsudō shireibu
Reconnaissance Sōsaku
     -regiment Sōsaku rentai
     -unit Sōsakutai
Regiment Rentai
     -commander Rentaichō
     -district Rentaiku
     -headquarters Rentai hombu
     Independent mixed Dokuritsu konsei rentai
Replacement unit Hojūtai
     Field Yasen hojūtai
River crossing material company Toka zairyō chutai
Sea transport observation unit Kaijō yusō kanshitai
Searchlight Shōkū
     -battalion Shōkō daitai
     Field-battalion Yasen shōkū daitai
     Independent field-company Dokuritsu yasen shōkū chūtai
Shipping         Sempaku         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     -antiaircraft artillery Sempaku kōshahō rentai
     -artillery regiment training unit Sempaku hōhei rentai kyōikutai
     -engineer regiment Sempaku kōhei rentai
     -forces Sempaku heidan
     -command Sempaku shireibu
     -transport battalion Sempaku yusō daitai
     -transport command Sempaku yusō shireibu
     -transport sector unit Sempaku yusO chikutai
Signal (see also radio, wire) Tsūshin, denshin
     -regiment Denshin rentai
     -unit Tsushintai, denshintai
     Cavalry brigade-unit Kihei ryodan tsūrshintai
     Division-unit Shidan tsūshintai
     Field-company Yasen denshin chūtai
     Fixed-unit Kotei tsūshintai
     Independent-company Dokuritsu denshin chūtai
     Independent mixed brigade-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan tsōshintai
     Shipping-regiment Sempaku tsūshin rentai
Squad Buntai
     -leader Buntaichō
Supreme Military Council Gunji Sangiin
Survey unit Sokuryōtal
Tank         Sensha         [Japanese Characters, Organizations and Units]
     -group Senshadan
     -regimentSensha rentai
     Cavalry brigade-unitKihei ryodan senshatai
     Division-unitShidan senshatai
     Independent mixed brigade-unitDokuritsu konsei ryodan senshatai
Tractor companyKeninsha chūtai
     -regimentShichōhei rentai
     Cavalry brigade-unitKihei ryodan shichōheitai
     Division-unitShidan shichōheitai
     Independent-battalion (company, regiment) Dokuritsu shichōhei daitai (chūtai, rentai)
     Motor-regiment Jidōsha rentai
     Field motor-depot Yasen jidōshashō
     Independent motor-battalion (company)Dokuritsu jidōsha daitai (chūtai)
     Independent mixed brigade motor-unit Dokuritsu konsei ryodan jidōshatai
     Line of communication motor-co. (unit). Heitan jidōsha chūtai (tai)
     Special motor-regiment Tokusetsu jidōsha rentai
War Ministry Rikugunshō
Sea duty companySuijō kimmu chūtai
Water supply and purification department Bōeki kyūsuibu
     Independent-companyDokuritsu yūsen chūtai


Military term         Japanese equivalent         Character
Air*         Kōkū         [Japanese Characters, Arms and Services]
Air troops Hikōhei
Balloon troops Kikyūhei
Branch of service Heishu
Cavalry Kihei
Chemical warfare service* Kahei
Engineers Kōhei
Field artillery Yahōhei
Field and mountain artillery* Yasampō
Heavy artillery Jūhōhei
Horse artillery Kihōhei
Infantry Hohei
Infantry mortar troops Hakugekihei
Intelligence (observation) troops Jōhōhei
Intendance department Keiribu
     Construction technician Kengi
     Finance Shukei
     Intendance technician Keigi
Judicial department Hōmubu
Line branch Heika
Mechanized* Kikō
Medical department Eiseibu
     Dental* Shika
     Pharmacy* Yakuzai
     Sanitary Eisei
     Surgeon* Gun-i
     Ward master Ryōkō
Medium artillery Yasen jūhōhei
Meteorological troops Kishōhei
Military hand Gungakubu
Military police Kempei
Mountain (pack) artillery troops Sampōhei
Railway troops Tetsudōhei
Services Kakubu
Shipping troops Sempakuhei
Signal* Denshin
Signal troops Tsūshinhei
Special motor transport Tokuji
Tank troops Senshahei
Technical department Gijutsubu
     Technician Heigi
     Air technician Kōgi
Transport troops Shichōhei
Veterinary departmentJūibu
     Veterinary Jūi
     Veterinary duty Jūimu
*Items marked with an asterisk apply to officer personnel only.


Military term         Japanese equivalent         Character
Field marshal         Gensui         [Japanese Characters, Ranks and Grades]
General officer Shōkan
Lieutenant generalChūjō
Major generalShōshō
Field officerSakan
Lieutenant colonelChūsa
Company officerIkan
First lieutenantChū-i
Second lieutenantShō-i
Warrant officerJunshikan
Warrant officerJun-i
Noncommissioned officerKashikan
Sergeant majorSōchō
Lance corporal (leading private)Heichō
Superior privateJōtōhei
First class privateIttōhei
Second class privateNitōhei


Military term         Japanese equivalent         Character
Antiaircraft gun         Kōshahō         [Japanese Characters, Weapons]
Antiaircraft machine cannonKōsha kikanhō
Antiaircraft machine gunKōsha kikanjū
Antitank gunSokushahō
Automatic gunJidōhō
Battalion gunDaitaihō
Field gunYahō
Grenade dischargerTekidantō
Hand grenadeShuryūdan
Infantry gunHoheihō
     Flat trajectoryHeisha hoheihō
     Curved fireKyokusha hoheihō
Infantry mortarHakugekihō
Machine cannonKikanhō
Machine gunKikanjū
Mortar (artillery)Kyūhō
Regimental gunRentaihō


Military term         Japanese equivalent         Character
Adjutant         Fukkan         [Japanese Characters, Military Miscellaneous]
Assistant chief of staffSambō fukuchō
Attached, army headquartersGun shireibu zuki
Chief of General StaffSambō sōchō
A chief of staffSambōchō
Combat trainShōkōri
Conscription systemChōhei seido
Field trainDaikōri
Greater East Asia WarDai Tōa Sen
Imperial Reservists AssociationTeikoku Zaigō Gunjinkai
Military administratorGunseikan
Military serviceHei-eki
Operational orderSakusen meirei
Prisoner of warFuryo
Prisoner of war internment campFuryo shūyōjo
Probational officerMinarai shikan
Reserve officer candidateKambu kōhosei
Routine orderNichi nicbi meirei
Special volunteer officerTokubetsu shigan shōkō
Staff officerSambō
Yasukuni ShrineYasukuni Jinja


Military term            English equivalent
Bōei SōshireibuGeneral Defense Headquarters.
Bōeki kyūsuibuWater supply and purification department.
BōkūAntiaircraft defense.
     -kanshitaiAntiaircraft defense observation unit.
     -kikyūtaiAntiaircraft defense balloon unit.
     -rentaiAntiaircraft defense regiment.
BōkūheiAntiaircraft defense troops.
     -chōSquad leader.
Chōhei seidoConscription system.
Chokkyō hikōtaiDirect co-operation air unit.
Chū-iFirst lieutenant.
ChūjōLieutenant general.
ChūsaLieutenant colonel.
     -chōCompany commander.
Dai Tōa SenGreater East Asia War.
DaihoneiImperial Headquarters.
DaikōriField train.
     -chōBattalion commander.
     -hōBattalion gun.
     -hombuBattalion headquarters.
     -rentai (tai)Signal regiment (unit).
     -bōku daitaiIndependent antiaircraft defense battalion.
     -denshin chūtaiIndependent signal company.
     -gasu chūtaiIndependent gas company.
     -hikō chūtai (tai) Independent air company (unit).
     -hohei daitai (rentai, tai)Independent infantry battalion (regiment, unit).
     -jidōsha daitai (chūtai)Independent motor transport battalion (company).
     -jūhōhei daitai (chūtai)Independent heavy artillery battalion (company).
     -keisōkōsha chūtaiIndependent light armored car company.
     -kōhei daitai (chūtai, rentai)Independent engineer battalion (company, regiment).
     -konsei rentaiIndependent mixed regiment.
     -konsei ryodanIndependent mixed brigade.
     -kōshahō daitaiIndependent antiaircraft artillery battalion.
     -kyūhō daitai (rentai)Independent mortar battalion (regiment).
     -sampōhei daitai (rentai)Independent mountain (pack) artillery battalion (regiment).
     -shichōhei daitai (chūtai, rentai)Independent transport battalion (company, regiment).
     -shubitaiIndependent garrison.
     -sōkōsha chutaiIndependent armored car company.
     -yahōhei daitai (rentai)Independent field artillery battalion (regiment).
     -yasen kōshaho chūtaiIndependent field antiaircraft artillery company.
     -yasen shōkū chūtaiIndependent field searchlight company.
     -yūsen chūtaiIndependent wire company.
EiseibuMedical department.
EiseitaiMedical unit.
FuryoPrisoner of war.
     -shūyōjoPrisoner of war internment camp.
Gakyō zairyō chūtaiBridge building material company.
Gasu daitaiGas battalion.
GensuiField marshal.
     -fuBoard of Field Marshals and Fleet Admirals.
GijutsubuTechnical department.
Gumba bōekishōVeterinary quarantine hospital.
     -shireibu Army headquarters.
     -shireibu zukiAttached, army headquarters.
     -shireikanArmy commander.
Gunji SangiinSupreme Military Council.
GungakubuMilitary band.
GunkankuArmy district.
GunseikanMilitary administrator.
Hakugeki daitai (rentai)Infantry mortar battalion (regiment).
HakugekiheiInfantry mortar troops.
HakugekihōInfantry mortar.
Hansui sagyōtaiLaunching unit (boat).
HeichōLance corporal (leading private).
Hei-ekiMilitary service.
HeijikuMilitary affairs district.
HeikaLine branch.
Heisha hoheihōFlat trajectory infantry gun.
HeishuBranch of service.
HeitanLine of communication.
     -byōbashōLine of communication veterinary hospital.
     -byōin Line of communication hospital.
     -eiseitai Line of communication medical unit.
     -jidōsha chūtai (tai)Line of communication motor transport company (unit).
     -shubitai Line of communication garrison.
     -chūtaiAir company.
     -danAir brigade.
     -sentaiAir regiment.
     -shidanAir division.
HikōheiAir troops.
     -daitai (chūtai)Airfield battalion (company).
     -daitaiInfantry battalion.
     -danInfantry group.
     -hōInfantry gun.
     -rentaiInfantry regiment.
     -ryodanInfantry brigade.
     -danArtillery group.
     -jōhō rentaiArtillery intelligence (observation) regiment.
     -shireibu Artillery command.
     -taiArtillery unit.
HojūtaiReplacement unit.
HōmengunArea army.
HōmubuJudicial department.
IkanCompany officer.
IttōheiFirst class private.
JidōhōAutomatic gun.
Jidōsha rentai (tai)Motor transport regiment (unit).
JōhōheiIntelligence (observation) troops.
JōtōheiSuperior private.
JūhōheiHeavy artillery.
     -rental Heavy artillery regiment.
JūimuVeterinary duty.
JūibuVeterinary department.
JūkikanjūHeavy machine gun.
Jun-iWarrant officer.
JunshikanWarrant officer (grade).
Jūtekidantō Heavy grenade discharger.
KaheiChemical warfare service.
Kaijō kidō daitaiAmphibious battalion.
Kaijō yusō kanshitaiSea transport observation unit.
Kanja yusōbu Casualty clearing station.
Kakubu Services.
Kanon Cannon.
Kashikan Noncommissioned officer.
Keigi Intendance technician.
Keikikanjū Light machine gun.
Keiribu Intendance department.
Kempei Military police.
Kenchiku kimmu chūtai Construction duty company.
Kengi Construction technician.
     -chūtai Tractor company.
Kenjū Pistol.
Kihei Cavalry.
     -daitai Cavalry battalion.
     -rentai Cavalry regiment.
     -ryodan Cavalry brigade.
     -shūdanCavalry group.
KihōheiHorse artillery.
     -rentai Horse artillery regiment.
KikanhōMachine cannon.
KikanjūMachine gun.
     -chūtai Balloon company.
KikyūheiBalloon troops.
Kishō chūtai (rentai, tai) Meteorological company (regiment, unit).
KishōheiMeteorological troops.
KōgiAir technician.
     -rentaiEngineer regiment.
     -taiEngineer unit.
Kokkyō shubitai Border garrison.
Kōkū Air.
     -jōhōtaiAir intelligence unit.
     -tsūshintai Air signal unit.
     -yusōtaiAir transport unit.
     -gunAir army.
Kōsha kikanhō Antiaircraft machine cannon.
Kōsha kikanjū Antiaircraft machine gun.
KōshahōAntiaircraft artillery.
     -rentai (tai)Antiaircraft artillery regiment (unit).
Kotei musentaiFixed radio unit.
Kotei tsūshintaiFixed signal unit.
Kyōdō hikōdan Air training brigade.
Kyōdō hikōjō daitai Airfield training battalion.
Kyōdō teishin rental Raiding training regiment.
Kyōiku hikō chūtai Air training company.
Kyōiku Sōkambu Inspectorate General of Military Training.
Kyokusha hoheihō Curved fire infantry gun.
Kyūhō Mortar (artillery).
Minarai shikan Probational officer.
Musen Radio.
Nichi nichi meirei Routine order.
Nitōhei Second class private.
Rentai Regiment.
     -chō Regimental commander.
     -hō Regimental gun.
     -hombu Regimental headquarters.
     -ku Regimental district.
Rikugun byōin Army hospital.
Rikugun Kōkū Sōkambu Inspectorate General of Aviation.
Rikugunshō War Ministry.
Rikujō kimrnu chūtai Land duty company.
Rusu shidan Depot division.
Ryodan Brigade.
     -chōBrigade commander.
     -shireibu Brigade headquarters.
Ryōkō Ward master.
Ryūdampō Howitzer.
Sakan Field officer.
Sakusen meirei Operational order.
Sambō Staff officer.
     -chō A chief of staff.
     -fukuchō Assistant chief of staff.
Sambō Hombū General Staff.
Sambō Sochō Chief of General Staff.
Sampō Mountain gun.
Sampōhei Mountain (pack) artillery troops.
     -rentai Mountain (pack) artillery regiment.
Sempaku Shipping.
     -heidan Shipping forces.
     -hōhei rentai kyōikutai Shipping artillery regiment training unit.
     -kōhei rentai Shipping engineer regiment.
     -kōshahō rentai Shipping antiaircraft artillery regiment.
     -shireibu Shipping command.
     -tsūshin rentai Shipping signal regiment.
     -yusō chikutai Shipping transport sector unit.
     -yusō daitai Shipping transport battalion.
     -yusō shireibu Shipping transport command.
Sempakuhei Shipping troops.
Sensha Tank.
     -dan Tank group.
     -rentai Tank regiment.
     -tai Tank unit.
Senshahei Tank troops.
Shichōhei Transport troops.
     -rentai (tai) Transport regiment (unit).
Shidan Division.
     -chō Division commander.
     -shireibu Division headquarters.
Shika Dental.
Shikan Division district.
Shinkyū Promotion.
Shō Depot.
Shō-i Second lieutenant.
Shōjū Rifle.
Shōkan General officer.
Shōkōri Combat train.
Shōkū daitai Searchlight battalion.
Shōsa Major.
Shōshō Major general.
Shōtai Platoon.
     -chō Platoon commander.
Shubitai Garrison.
Shukei Finance.
Shuryūdan Hand grenade.
Sōchō Sergeant major.
Sōkō ressha Armored train.
Sōkō resshatai Armored train unit.
Sōkōsha Armored car.
SokuryōtaiSurvey unit.
Sokushahō Antitank gun.
     -tai Antitank gun unit.
Sōsaku Reconnaissance.
     -rentai (tai) Reconnaissance regiment (unit).
Suijō kimmu chūtai Sea duty company.
Tai-i Captain.
Taisa Colonel.
Taishō General.
Teikoku Zaigō Gunjinkai Imperial Reservists Association.
Teishin Raiding.
     -dan Raiding group.
     -hikō chūtai Raiding air company.
     -rentai Raiding regiment.
Tekidantō Grenade discharger.
Tetsudō Railway.
     -kambu Railway inspectorate.
     -rentai Railway regiment.
     -yusō shireibu Railway transport command.
Tetsudōhei Railway troops.
Toka zairyō chūtai River crossing material company.
Tokubetsu shigan shōkō Special volunteer officer.
Tokuji Special motor transport.
Tokusetsu jidōsha rentai Special motor transport regiment.
Tokusetsu tetsudō shireibu Special railway command.
Tokushu musen hyōteitai Special radio location unit.
Tokushu musentai Special radio unit.
Tsūshin Signal.
     -tai Signal unit.
Tsūshinhei Signal troops.
Yahō Field gun.
Yahōhei Field artillery.
     -rentai Field artillery regiment.
Yakuzai Pharmacy.
Yasampō Field and mountain artillery.
Yasen Field.
     -bōkūtai Field antiaircraft defense unit.
     -byōin Field hospital.
     -denshin chūtai Field signal company.
     -dōrotai Field road unit.
     -gasu chūtai Field gas company.
     -heikishō Field ordnance depot.
     -hikōjō setteitaiField airfield construction unit.
     -hojū bashō Field remount depot.
     -hojū hikōtaiField air replacement unit.
     -hojūtaiField replacement unit.
     -jidōshashōField motor transport depot.
     -jūhōheiMedium artillery.
     -kamotsushōField freight depot.
     -kenchikutaiField construction unit.
     -kikanhō chūtai Field machine cannon company.
     -kimmutai Field duty unit.
     -kishō daitai (tai)Field meteorological battalion (unit).
     -kōshahō daitai Field antiaircraft artillery battalion.
     -sakusei chūtaiField well-construction company.
     -shōkū daitaiField searchlight battalion.
     -tetsudō shireibuField railway command.
Yasukuni JinjaYasukuni Shrine.
Yōrikudan (tai)Debarkation group (unit).
Yōsai Fortress.
     -jūhōhei rentaiFortress heavy artillery regiment.
     -shireibu Fortress headquarters.

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