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TM 9-2800: Standard Military Motor Vehicles
Technical Manual, U.S. War Department, September 1, 1943
[DISCLAIMER: The following text and illustrations are taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Technical Manual. As with all wartime manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the original technical manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


Technical Manuals: TM 9-710A, TM 9-1710, TM 9-1710C, TM 9-1711

Parts List: SNL G-102

Manufacturer: The Autocar Co.

Armament: One Gun, 37-mm, M1A2; two Guns, machine, cal. .50, HB, M2; one Rifle, cal. .30, M1903 with Launcher, grenade; one Gun, submachine, cal. .45; five Carbines, cal. .30, M1.

Ammunition: 1,200 rounds, cal. .50; 200 rounds, 37-mm; 540 rounds, cal. .45; 10 rifle grenades M9A1; 12 hand grenades.

[Carriage, Motor, Multiple Gun, M15A1]
RA PD 309117

Classification: Standard

Purpose: To provide a highly mobile antiaircraft weapon.

[U.S. WW2 Half-Track, Carriage, Motor, Multiple Gun, M15A1 Dimensions Diagram]

Crew  7
WeightNet (lb) 17,600
Payload(lb) 2,500
Gross (lb) 20,100
Shipping dimensions(cu ft) 1,116(sq ft) 131
Tires—CombatPly 12Size 8.25 x 20
Tread, center to center (in.)  Front—64 1/2Rear—63 13/16
Ground clearance(in.) 17 1/8
Track width(in.)12 1/4
Ground pressure, tires(lbs per sq in.)33.5
Electrical system(volts)12
CapacitiesFuel, 80 octane gasoline(gal)60
 Cooling system(qt)26
 Crankcase (refill)(qt)12
BrakesHydraulic (Hydrovac)
Maximum gradability(percent)60
Turning radius (ft)30
Fording depth(in.)32
Maximum vertical obstacle vehicle will climb(in.)12
Angle of approach (deg)
Angle of departure(deg)
Fuel consumption, average conditions(miles per gal)
Cruising range, average conditions(miles)
Maximum allowable speed(mph)45
   1st  2nd  3rd  4th 
Cruising speed  9  17  26  45 
ManufacturerWhiteModel 160 AX
TypeIn-line, 4 cycleNumber of cylinders6
Displacement(cu in.)386
Governed speedNot governed
Brake horsepower 148
Ignition typeBattery
Basic chassisCarrier, personnel, half-track, M3

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