TM-E 30-451 Handbook on German Military Forces

[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department Technical Manual, TM-E 30-451: Handbook on German Military Forces published in March 1945. — Figures and illustrations are not reproduced, see source details. — As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. — Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]



3. Signal Pistols

a. LIGHT SIGNAL PISTOL (Leuchtpistole). This is the standard German signal pistol; it is 26.7-mm caliber, has a smooth bore, and fires a series of colored signal cartridges, as well as a whistling cartridge (Pfeifpatrone) used as a gas warning signal.

b. MODIFIED SIGNAL PISTOL (Kampfpistole). The Germans have modified the Leuchtpistole by rifling the bore and providing a small sight to produce the Kampfpistole (Fig. 3). With these alterations a small, nose-fused HE grenade, a smoke grenade, and an orange smoke grenade are fired in addition to the standard signal cartridges. The pistol has a maximum range of about 100 yards, firing a 5-ounce HE round.

c. DOUBLE-BARRELED SIGNAL PISTOL. This pistol is similar to the standard Leuchtpistole but has a double barrel and trigger mechanism. At the rear of the hammer action, and above the pistol grip, is a change lever of the type used on double-barreled shotguns. This may be set so either one or both of the barrels will fire when the trigger is squeezed. The standard signal cartridges are fired.

d. GRENADE AND SIGNAL PISTOL (Sturmpistole). This weapon consists basically of the standard Leuchtpistole to which a loose steel liner is fitted (Figs. 4 and 5). This liner is rifled and fitted with a base, which prevents firing a standard round through the liner. A combined front and rear sight is clamped around the barrel, and a folding stock is attached above the pistol grip. The liner and the folding stock enable this pistol to fire a hollow-charge grenade as a close-quarter weapon against tanks (Fig. 5). With the steel liner removed this pistol will fire the standard signal cartridges fired from the Leuchtpistole.


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