TM-E 30-451 Handbook on German Military Forces

[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department Technical Manual, TM-E 30-451: Handbook on German Military Forces published in March 1945. — Figures and illustrations are not reproduced, see source details. — As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. — Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]



4. Machine Pistols

a. M.P. (MASCHINENPISTOLE) 40. (1) General description. This blowback-operated machine pistol (Fig. 6) was developed from the M.P. 38, an earlier model designed for issue to parachute troops and still used. Distinctive features of both weapons are the folding stock and all metal and plastic construction. The safety recess at the rear of the cocking-handle stop is marked "S". To set the weapon on "safe", the operating handle is pulled back as far as it will go and then pushed upward into the safety notch. On later models, a safety stud is located on the cocking handle. The magazine is inserted in a vertical position on the underside of the receiver. The weapon has a 100-meter (109 yards) fixed rear sight and a 200-meter (219 yards) folding rear sight.

(2) Characteristics.

Caliber   . . . . .   9 mm (actually 0.347 inch).
Length, over-all   . . . . .   33 1/2 inches.
Weight without magazine   . . . . .   9 pounds.
Feed   . . . . .   32-round magazine.
Rate of fire
    (cyclic)   . . . . .   500 rounds per minute.
    (practical)   . . . . .   180 rounds per minute.

(3) Ammunition. This weapon uses the standard 9-mm Parabellum ammunition.

b. MODEL 43/1 MACHINE PISTOL (M.P. (Maschinenpistole) 43/1). (1) General description. This gas-operated machine pistol (Fig. 7) is constructed almost entirely of metal stampings and can be stripped only to a limited degree. Although provision is made for both single-shot and automatic fire, bursts of more than five rounds are not recommended, and the pistol is best used as a single-shot weapon. This weapon has not proved very successful because it is impossible to repair in the field and because of its poor firing characteristics. The stampings forming the gas cylinder and body casings are made of thin material and are very easily damaged. The weapon is fed by a curved magazine below the receiver and has an 800-meter (876 yards) leaf rear sight.

(2) Characteristics.

Caliber   . . . . .   7.92 mm (0.312 inch).
Length   . . . . .   37 inches.
Weight   . . . . .   11 pounds.
Feed   . . . . .   35- to 38-round magazine.
Muzzle velocity   . . . . .   2,200 feet per second.

(3) Ammunition. A special type of short rifle caliber ammunition is used in this machine pistol.

c. M.P. (MASCHINENPISTOLE) 44. This weapon is the M.P. 43/1 slightly modified to accommodate the standard rile grenade launcher cup (Schiessbecher). The barrel is machined down at the muzzle end and the front sight block is smaller and located farther forward to allow the launcher cup to be attached. Although it is presumed that the standard rifle grenades can be fired from the M.P. 44, it is not certain that this has yet become an operational practice.


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