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German Panzer Production in WWII

The following table shows the production figures for the main variants of German Panzerkampfwagen during WWII and pre-war rearmament (i.e., from 1935-1945). Only battle tanks are included in these figures, self-propelled guns and other variants are not included. Panzerbefehlswagen are included when the main armament was still mounted. For simplicity, all figures have been rounded to the nearest 50 units. The Panzer 35(t) and Panzer 38(t) figures include panzers confiscated from the Czech army.

Pz Kpfw Total Number Produced (approx.)
Panzer I 1,550   
Panzer II1,900
Panzer 35(t)650
Panzer 38(t)1,400
Panzer III5,850
Panzer IV8,500
Tiger I1,350
Tiger II500

During the war while German panzer production increased, the size and weight of panzers were also increasing. It is interesting to compare the above production figures with the total weight in tons of each type of panzer produced. These figures are necessarily approximate since tanks were often up-armored during the production of a given version.

Pz Kpfw Total Tons Produced (approx.)
Panzer I 9,000   
Panzer II18,000
Panzer 35(t)7,000
Panzer 38(t)14,000
Panzer III126,000
Panzer IV206,000
Tiger I77,000
Tiger II33,000

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