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[U.S. 79th Infantry Division Patch] 79th Infantry Division Photo Album

A small set of photos from an unidentified unit of the 79th Infantry Division. Judging from the equipment and vehicle markings, the photographer was probably part of the division's supply units.

The "Cross of Lorraine" division landed in France at Utah Beach on June 14, 1944. The division fought in Normandy, Northern France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. After VE Day, the division performed occupation duties in Czechoslovakia until returned to United States and deactivated in December 1945.

Units, persons, and locations mentioned in the photographs:
  • Units: 79th Infantry Division
  • Persons: Baranoski, Brookman, Bryant, Durain, Green, Holder, Mills, Sgt. Ristaino, Robinson, Purdy Tremper, Weintraub
  • Locations: Hoelschlach; Neheim, Germany; Pont--Mousson, France; Pilsen, Czechoslovakia;
  • If you can help with more information on the photographs below, please contact us.

    [79th Inf Div; Mr. Durain, Green, Bryant, me, Baranoski, Holder; Hoelschlach]
    Mr. Durain, Green, Bryant, me, Baranoski, Holder; Hoelschlach

    [79th Inf Div; Durain, Green, Holder, Bryant, Baranoski; Hoelschlach]
    Durain, Green, Holder, Bryant, Baranoski; Hoelschlach

    [79th Inf Div; Brookman, Bryant, Robinson, Durain]
    Brookman, Bryant, Robinson, Durain
    [The sign on the truck says "Chow is Over"]

    [79th Inf Div; Durain, Mills, Weintraub, Robinson]
    Durain, Mills, Weintraub, Robinson

    [79th Inf Div; France, December 1944]
    France, Dec. 1944

    [79th Inf Div; Moselle River, Pont-a-Mousson, Sgt. Ristaino]
    Moselle River, Pont-a-Mousson, Sgt. Ristaino

    [79th Inf Div;]

    [79th Inf Div; Pilsen, Czech. with Purdy Tremper; German searchlight]
    Pilsen, Czech. with Purdy Tremper

    [79th Inf Div; German airfield, Pilsen; German searchlight]
    German airfield, Pilsen

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