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[Mission Accomplished: It Took Guts to Stay at Anzio]


ACROSS a flat, green, ditch-crossed beachhead, approximately 10 miles deep and 10 miles wide, American and British soldiers fought one of the bravest actions of the entire war.

The Fifth Army struck at Anzio, 31 miles south of Rome. The landings were made against light opposition 22 January. Eight days later when the 3rd Division and the Rangers attacked Cisterna, the Germans had ringed the Beachhead with six divisions. Our attacks were stopped cold.

German reinforcements rushed toward the Beachhead and during February and early March, the Krauts launched three great attackks to drive the Fifth Army back into the sea. Men of the 3rd, 45th and 1st Armored divisions, the 1st Special Service Force, and the British dug in and held.

Through April and May the Beachhead was in effect a dagger stabbing into the German right flank. During the drive on Rome, it was the key to victory.

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