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[Mission Accomplished: Gothic Line]


AFTER Rome fell, the 3rd, 36th, and 45th divisions and the French were withdrawn to make the invasion of Southern France. For the Americans remaining in Roby there was plenty of unfinished business.

In one month the Fifth drove 150 miles north of Rome against spotty resistance. The 91st division reached the Arno river 18 July. By 10 September the full strength of the Fifth Army was drawn up before the center of the Gothic line.

Here the 34th, 85th, 88th and 91st divisions met the strongest prepared defenses of the entire campaign. The line was broken 17 September after four days of hard fighting.

As they had done at Salerno, Cassino and Anzio, the Krauts held on until they had been hit so hard and so often they had to give ground. For five long months the Fifth wintered in the high Appenines.

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