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[Mission Accomplished: Men of Many Nations Fought Together]


IN the beginning the British, Australians, and Indians fought the Germans and Italians back and forth across Libya and Egypt. At El Alamein New Zealanders, who were veterans of Crete and Greece, plugged the line. Then as the campaign grew in importance, men came from every corner of the world to fight and kill Nazis.

At the end approximately 40 nations were represented. There were Greeks, Arabs, French, Brazilians, Poles, Palestinians, Dutch, Canadians, South Africans, Italians and there were Americans—black, white, yellow or red-skinned Americans—of Mexican, Japanese, German or Irish descent.

It was called "The Polyglot Army" and "the greatest military experiment in history." Here was convincing proof that people of different races, nationalities and religions can fight together. They did it.

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