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[Mission Accomplished: Mud, Mules, Mountains, Mines, Men]


AMERICANS learned in Italy there was no easy way to win the war. It was brought home again and again that tanks, planes, and guns are just members of a team whose purpose is to make it possible for a dogface to crawl from one hole to another.

Italy was an infantryman's war. There was slimy, stinking mud that got in your shoes, your hair, and your chow. Ammunition, water and rations had to be hauled up by mules. There were mountains—Soprano, Maggiore, Cairo, Majo, Altuzzo, and Grande. There were mines wherever the Krauts could lay them—"S" mines, Schu mines, concrete mines, box mines, and Teller mines.

And there were men—Americans who sweated, feared and fought like Hell to knock the Krauts out of Italy.

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