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[Mission Accomplished: North Africa]

THE African landings were timed with the Eighth Army assault at El Alamein, and came a week after the veteran British divisions had scored one of the war's most decisive victories.

After securing all Morocco and Algeria within three days, the American and British forces drove east for Tunis and Bizerte. They were stopped less than 50 miles from the two great ports, and the campaign lasted five months more through a rainy winter and many bitter engagements.

For the final drive II Corps moved secretly 200 miles from El Guettar and suddenly popped up on the north flank. The attack began 23 April and on 8 May elements of the 9th and 1st Armored divisions entered Bizerte. Five days later the war was over in Africa.

In that drive American troops won their first great victories of the European war—the 34th of Hill 609 and Eddekhila; the 1st Armored in the breakthrough from Mateur; the 9th at Jefna; and the 1st at Hill 523 and Mateur. They had taken the first long step on the road to final victory.

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