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[Mission Accomplished: Into the Promised Land (Po Valley)]


WHEN the blow came, the Krauts lasted exactly 23 days. The drive was launched 9 April by the Eighth Army on the right and the 92nd division on the left. Main Fifth Army forces attacked below Bologna a week later.

Suddenly the Krauts collapsed. In quick succession Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Parma, Verona, and Venice fell to the men who had fought for 19 months to reach the Po valley—"The Promised Land." All divisions, the 10th Mountain, 1st Armored, 34th, 88th, 91st and 92nd were in on the kill.

Before the Fifth Army could reach Milan, Italian Partisans drove the Germans out and placed the bullet-ridden, battered body of Mussolini on display.

Twenty-five German divisions were whipped. The show was over in Italy.

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