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305th Engineer Combat Battalion Photo Album (80th Infantry Division)
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[On the Beach, July 28, 1944]
The units of the 80th Infantry Division disembarked on the beaches at Normandy in August 1944.
[305th Engineers Bn., 80th Infantry Division, on ship near Normandy, France]

[U.S. Military Police direct traffic in French town during WWII]    An MP at a crossroads in a French village. Unfortunately, most of the signs in the background are unreadable. However, one sign directs traffic to "Civil Affairs" and one to a local museum. The upper sign is for "Bocherie Charcuterie D. ???TE".

Two jeeps along a French lane. The soldiers in the front jeep hold a Franch tri-color flag.    [U.S. Army jeeps on a road in France during WWII]

[WW2 GI of the 305th Engineer Combat Bn in the field]    A GI grabs a meal. The photo paper matches the other photos, suggesting this photo was also taken in France.


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