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FM 17-76: Crew Drill and Service of the Piece, Medium Tank, M4 Series (105-mm Howitzer)
Field Manual, War Department, September 15, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Field Manual. As with all field manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the field manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


     Paragraphs             Page 
Abandon tank2541
     Dismounted (Section VII)23-2936
     Mounted (Section VI)17-2227
Advice to instructors2845
After operation maintenance37,4270,92
     Expenditure record1831
     Expenditure report1832
     Handling in tank15, 1819, 31
     Inspection before firing15, 16, 1720, 22, 27
     Loading tank2235
     Report of rounds remaining2135
     To re-stow2134
Auxiliary generator:
     Start34, 3958, 80
Book, gun34, 3963, 85
     Control (Section III)5, 64, 9
     Drill (Section IV)7-1211
     To dismount10, 1115, 16
     To form711
     To mount812
Destroy tank2642
Destruction of equipment (Section XI)44-5097
     Fire control equipment49103
     Weapons45, 4698, 99
Disable weapons2541
Dismounted action (Section VII)23-2936
     To mount from2439
     Tank crew1015
     Through escape hatch1116
     Training in the field2845
Driver's report3353
Duties in firing1829
Escape hatch:
     Dismount through1116
     Inspection of2845
Evacuation of wounded from tanks (Section VIII)  30-3249
Expenditure of ammunition1831
Fire, action in case of2742
Fire control equipment, destruction49103
Fire extinguishers2742
     Checking fixed (Phase B)34, 3960, 80
     Checking hand (Phase C)34, 3961, 82
Fire, prepare to1727
     Duties of crew in1829
     Switch trigger1520
     First echelon radio check57
Gun book34, 3963, 85
     Close and open913
     Dismount through escape1116
Howitzer crew:
Howitzer, tank:
     Inspections (Section IX)33-4353
     Remedies for malfunctions1622
Inspections and maintenance (Section IX)33-4353
     After operation maintenance37, 4270, 92
     Before operation34, 3954, 75
     During operation35, 4066, 87
     Halt36, 4166, 88
     Periodic additional services38, 4372, 93
     Weapons15, 33-4322, 53
Laying gun1520
Load all weapons2034
     Ammunition in tank2235
     Half (on command PREPARE TO FIRE)2034
Maintenance after operation3770
Monoxide poisoning in towed tanks2948
Mounted action (Section VI)17-2227
Mounting tank crew812
Muzzle covers   17, 19, 34, 39    27, 33, 59, 79
Operation of howitzer1519
Operation of interphone and radio54
Pep drill1218
Prepare to fire1727
     Inspection5, 34, 397, 64, 85
Remedies for malfunctions1622
Report of ammunition remaining2135
Re-stow ammunition2134
Safety precautions15, 2920, 46
Secure guns1932
Service of the piece (Section V)13-1619
Stoppages16, 1822, 30
Stuck round15, 1622
     Control5, 64, 9
Technique of dismounting10, 11, 2815, 16, 45
     A stuck round1522
     The howitzer1521
     Destruction45, 4698, 99
     Inspection15, 3420, 54
     Half load17, 2027, 34
     Load15, 18, 2027, 29, 34
     Unload15, 1921, 32


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