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FM 6-20: Tactical Employment
Field Artillery Field Manual, War Department, February 5, 1944
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Field Manual. As with all field manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the field manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


Advance guard artillery7037-38
Air support62-6534-35
Aerial photographs6435
Air-artillery cooperation6334-35
Air missions42, 64, 6521-22, 35
Air observation42, 6521-22, 35
Alternate positions8550
     Train commander2812
Annexes, field artillery orders3114-15
Army artillery104
Army artillery officer26, 2711-12
     Control19,78,928, 41, 53
     Estimate of requirements3013-14
     In reserve239-10
     Intelligence43 22
     Movements by rail and water   7338-39
     Organization for combat2410
     With the corps94
Artillery fire:
     Counterbattery79, 89, 90, 10041-45, 52-53, 58
     Effect sought145-6
     In defense87-9250-53
     In offense76-8140-47
     Observed and unobserved167
     Supporting fires14-175-8
Attached artillery     7-9, 24, 70-72, 77, 83, 85, 86    4, 10, 37-38, 40-41, 48-50
     In a meeting engagement7740-41
     Of a fortified locality11063-65
     Of an organized position77, 7940-45
Barrages15, 79, 90, 1006-7, 41-45, 53, 58
Chain of command2712
Characteristics of field artillery21-3
Classification of artillery fire12-185-8
Coast line, defense10962-63
Combat in towns11165-66
Commanders, artillery2611-12
Command posts2913
     Codes and ciphers6032-34
Contingent zone of fire2510-11
Control of artillery action19, 21, 78, 92, 97, 1118, 9, 41, 53, 56, 65-66
     Of fire48-54, 9225-31, 53
     With supported arm48-5025-29
Corps artillery9, 25, 79, 89, 964, 11, 41-45, 51-52
Corps artillery commander2611-12
Covering force8650
Daylight withdrawal9655-56
Defensive combat84-9349-54
     Artillery fires87-9250-53
     Artillery positions8549-50
     Defense of coast line10962-63
     Defense of river line10359-60
     Support of covering force8650
     Support of rear position9353-54
Defensive-offensive operations8247-48
Delaying action9756
Desert warfare10762
Destruction fire145
Direct support artillery20, 54, 868-9, 31, 50
Displacement of artillery5431
Division artillery7, 79, 894, 41-45, 51-52
Encircling force78, 8341, 48
Estimate of artillery requirements3013-14
Field artillery:
     Capabilities of weapons22-3
     Modes of transportation22
     Role in combat11
Field orders3114-15
Fire direction51-5430-31
     By large units5230
     Within battalion5330
     Zones of fire2510-11
     Prearrangement49, 7925-27, 41-45
Flank guard artillery7238
Fortified locality, attack11063-65
Forward observer3919-20
General headquarters artillery115
General-support artillery219
Groups, artillery64
Halts, march7439
Harassing fire145-6
Heavy artillery21-3
Intelligence, artillery4322
Interdiction fire145-6
Jungle warfare10661-62
Landing operations10862
March halts7439
Mountain warfare10561
Movement by rail and water7338-39
Neutralization fire145
Night attack10158
Night marches6937
Normal zone of fire2510-11
     Forward observer3919-20
     Sound and flash4120-21
Observed fires167
Offensive combat:
     Artillery positions7740-41
     Attack of organized position7944
     Meeting engagements7740-41
     Night attack10158
     Supporting fires7941-45
Officers, artillery26, 2711-12
     Army artillery104
     Battalion4, 53-4
     Corps artillery94
     Division artillery74
     General headquarters artillery115
Organization for combat2410
     Division artillery2410
     Corps artillery2410
Penetration, artillery in7941-45
Photographic missions6435
Planning supporting fires4925-27
Plans, artillery3013-14
Positions, artillery33, 77, 82, 85, 8816, 40-41, 47-51
Prearranged fires17, 48, 798, 25, 41-45
Preparation, artillery7941-45
Pursuit, artillery in8348
Radio communication5932-33
Raids, support of10058
Rail movements7338-39
Rear guard artillery7138
     For communications5732
     For positions3316
     Time available3617
Registration14, 805-6, 46
Reinforcing artillery229
Reserve artillery239-10
Retrograde movements94-9855-57
     Daylight withdrawal9655-56
     Delaying action9756
     Night withdrawal9555
River crossing10259
River line, defense10359-60
Role of artillery11
Schedule fires5027-29
Shifting of fire5027-29
Signal communications55-6032-34
Snow and extreme cold operations  10460-61
Sound and flash observation4120-21
Special operations99-11158-66
     Attack of fortified locality11063-65
     Combat in towns11165-66
     Defense of coast line10962-63
     Defense of river line10359-60
     Desert warfare10762
     Jungle warfare10661-62
     Landing operations10862
     Mountain warfare10561
     Night attack10158
     River crossing10259
     Snow and extreme cold10460-61
Staff functions2812
Support of covering force8650
Supporting fires49, 50, 7925-29, 41-45
Targets of opportunity17, 40, 508, 20, 27-29
Temporary positions8549-50
Time schedules5027-29
Troop movements6636
     Rail and water movements7338-39
     Security detachments70-7237-38
Unobserved fires16, 187-8
Visual communication5932-33
Voice communication5932-33
Water movements7338-39
Withdrawal, artillery in95, 9655-56
Wire communication5932-33
Zones of fire2510-11


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