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◊ New articles from Tactical and Technical Trends #34: The Me-410 Aircraft, Protection Against Japanese Aerial Bombing, General von Arnim's Orders for Ground Deployment, Italian L Type Grenade, German Conversion of French 75s into Antitank Guns, Japanese 70-mm Howitzer Model 92, Notes on German Artillery Tactics in Tunisia, Russian Artillery Support in Tank Attacks, Notes of a British Armored Force Officer on German Tank Employment, Detailed Report on the German "Tiger" PzKw 6, Italian Portable Flame Thrower, Model 41, German Compass Card, German Butterfly Bomb, Notes on the German Infantry Division, Notes on Mobile Surgical Units in the Middle East, Axis Use of Skoda AA/AT Gun, Testing Antiaircraft Gun Barrels in Combat Areas, Japanese 12.7-mm (Fixed Mount) Aircraft Machine Gun, German Recognition Signals, Drinking Water from the Rattan Vine, Lessons from the New Zealand Division Operations in Cyrenaica

TM-E 30-480: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces: Equipment Introduction, Infantry Equipment, Artillery Equipment, Signal Equipment, Engineer Equipment, Cavalry and Reconnaissance, Automotive and Land Transport Equipment Geographic Signs, Military Signs, Military Abbreviations, Supply, Movements, Evacuation, Uniforms, Personal Equipment, and Insignia




Photo Albums from My Collection
[23d Stn Hosp] 23rd Station Hospital Photo Album - Black-and-white and color photos from the 23d Station Hospital in North Africa, France, and Germany.
[3rd Armd] 3rd Armored Division Photo Album - Photos from the Third Armored Division "Spearhead" at the end of the war and during occupation including men and equipment in Darmstadt, Hausen, and Frankfurt, Germany.
[80th Inf] 305th Engineer Combat Bn. Photo Album - Collection from the 305th Engineer Combat Battalion of the 80th Infantry Division. The photos start with the division's landing in Normandy in August 1944 and continues through the fighting in France and Germany, and occupation duty.
[103rd Inf] 328th Combat Engineers Photo Album - Photos from 328th Combat Engineers, 103rd Infantry Division during the occupation of Austria and Germany in 1945.
[11th Armd] 11th Armored Division Photo Album - Photos from the 11th Armored Division during training and in Europe.
[591st Eng] 591st Engineer Boat Rgt. & 2759th Combat Engineers Photo Album - Photo album, 591st Engineer Boat Regiment and 2759th Combat Engineers in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany.
[65th Infantry] 65th Infantry Division Photo Album - An extensive set of photos from an unknown headquarters unit of the 65th Infantry Division. Photos show men, equipment, prisoners, and refugees at war's end and during occupation, and includes a nice set of photos of Passau, Germany.
Photos from My Collection
[German Photos] German Photos - Photo sets of German heavy artillery in summer of 1940 and a Luftwaffe flak position.     [Stalag IXB, Bad Orb] Stalag IXB, Bad Orb - Photos of Stalag IXB in Bad Orb, Germany after liberation. Stalag IXB was one of the worst P.O.W. camps.
[759th Light Tank Bn] 759th Light Tank Bn. - Six tank photos from Co. C of the 759th Light Tank Bn. [79th Inf Div] 79th Infantry Division - A small set of photos from an unknown unit of the 79th Infantry Division in Europe.
[608th FA Bn] 608th Field Artillery Bn - Photos from 608th FA Bn, an 105mm Battery integral to the 71st Infantry Division. [995th FA Bn] 995th Field Artillery Bn - Photos from 995th FA Bn, an 8" howitzer unit that fought in Italy, France and Germany.
[Misc Photos] Odds & Ends Photos - Allied Equipment, German Equipment, Civilians, Rivers & Bridges, Places & Landmarks, PWs, Trains & Railroads, Uniforms, Unknown [Features] Featured Photos & Documents - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 [NEW]
Reader-Contributed Photos and Documents
[65th Inf] 65th Infantry Division - Photos from Robert (Bob) Joseph Abelhauser (1st Squad, 2nd platoon, Company C)     [Army Service Forces] 503rd Ordnance Company - Photos from T/4 Tancrede J. Pouliot
[WWII Photos] 734th Field Artillery Bn - Color and black-and-white photos from H.W. Luetjen, 734th Field Artillery Battalion [79th Inf] 79th Infantry Division - Photos from Jess Lankford of 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division
[65th Inf] 265th Engineer Combat Bn - Roster and dinner Menu, Co. B, 265th Engineer Combat Battalion, 65th Infantry Division
"G.I. Stories" Booklets
G.I. Stories consists of 53 booklets on the Ground, Air, and Service Forces in the European Theater of Operations published by the Information and Education Division, ETOUSA in Paris during 1944 and 1945.
 The First!: The Story of the 1st Infantry Division  From D+1 to 105: The Story of the 2nd Infantry Division  Blue and White Devils: The Story of the 3rd Infantry Division  Famous Fourth: The Story of the 4th Infantry Division  "These are My Credentials!": The Story of the 8th Infantry Division  Hitler's Nemesis: The 9th Infantry Division  28th Roll On: The Story of the 28th Infantry Division  29 Let's Go! The Story of the 29th Infantry Division  Attack! The Story of the 35th Infantry Division  The Story of the 36th Infantry Division  The 45th: The Story of the 45th Infantry Division  66th: The Story of the 66th Infantry Division  Trailblazers: The Story of the 70th Infantry Division  The 75th: The Story of the 75th Infantry Division  Lightning: The Story of the 78th Infantry Division  The Cross of Lorraine Division: The Story of the 79th  Forward 80th: The Story of the 80th Infantry Division  Railsplitters: The Story of the 84th Infantry Division  Stalwart and Strong: The Story of the 87th Infantry Division  Rolling Ahead!: The Story of the 89th Infantry Division  Tough 'Ombres!: The Story of the 90th Infantry Division  On the Way: The Story of the 94th Infantry Division  "Bravest of the Brave": The Story of the 95th Infantry Division  The Story of the 97th Infantry Division  Battle Babies: The Story of the 99th Infantry Division  The Story of the Century: The Story of the 100th Infantry Division  Timberwolves: The Story of the 104th Infantry Division  The 106th: The Story of the 106th Infantry Division
 The 4th Armored: From the Beach to Bastogne  Brest to Bastogne: The Story of the 6th Armored Division  The Road to Germany: The Story of the 5th Armored Division  Tornado! The Story of the 8th Armored Division  The 9th: The Story of the 9th Armored Division  Terrify and Destroy: The Story of the 10th Armored Division  The Story of the 11th Armored Division: Thunderbolt  Speed is the Password: The Story of the 12th Armored Division
 All American: The Story of the 82nd Airborne Division  101st Airborne Division: The Story of the 101st Airborne Division
 Time Over Targets: The Story of the 9th Bombardment Division  Achtung, Jabos: The Story of the IX Tactical Air Command  Fly, Seek, Destroy: The Story of the XIX Tactical Air Command  Mission Accomplished: The Story of the XXIX TAC  Invaders: The 50th Troop Carrier Wing  Ever First! The 53rd Troop Carrier Wing
 Engineering the Victory: The Story of the Corps of Engineers  That Men Might Live! The Story of the Medical Service - ETO  The WAC: The Story of the WAC in the ETO  Destination — Berlin! The Transportation Corps...  Flaming Bomb: The Story of Ordnance in the ETO  MP: The Story of the Military Police  Service: Story of the Signal Corps
Unit Histories
[91st Inf] 91st Infantry Division 1917-1945 - Pocket history of the 91st printed in 1945. The history covers training, transfer to North Africa, deployment to Italy, and fighting around Anzio, Arno River, Gothic Line, and Futa Pass.     [88th Inf] 88th Infantry Division -- We Were There: From Gruber to the Brenner Pass - Short pocket history of the 88th Infantry Division printed in theatre in 1945.
[5th Army] Fifth Army Antiaircraft, Salerno to Florence - History of the Antiaircraft Artillery of the Fifth Army in the first year of fighting in Italy, from the Salerno landings in September 1943 to the Arno River in September 1944. [102nd Inf] 102 thru Germany - Unit history, "With the 102d Infantry Division through Germany", published by the division during occupation duty in 1945.
[65th Inf] "Right to be Proud" - History of the 65th Infantry Division's march across Germany: a pamphlet printed in 1945 during occupation duty for officers and men of the 65th. [65th Inf] We Are Proud: History of Co. 'C' 260th Infantry - "We Are Proud: History of Co. 'C' 260th Infantry, Shelby to Linz" is a short, informal remembrance booklet prepared by 260th Infantry Regiment, part of the 65th Infantry Division.
[Hq ETO] Seine Section - Unit history published in Paris, 1945 for the officers and men of the Seine Section, Theater Service Forces, ETO. [83rd Inf] Thunderbolt Across Europe - Map and informal history of the 83rd Infantry Division in WWII. One side contained a map of the division's route through Europe, the other side a text history with illustrations.
[2nd Inf] Twenty-Third Infantry, 1812-1945 - Unit history of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, printed in the ETO after V-E Day. [Mission Accomplished] Mission Accomplished - Booklet on the fighting in the MTO: Africa, Sicily and Italy.
Unit Newspapers and Publications
[12th Armd] "Hellcat News" - 12th Armored Division - Division newspaper dated May 26, 1945, issued in Heidenheim, Germany.     [102nd Inf] 1945 Christmas Menu, 407th Infantry Regiment - Souvenir Christmas menu from 407th Infantry Regiment Headquarters, 102nd Infantry Division in Coburg, Bavaria during occupation duty. Includes Hq roster.
[70th Inf] "The A-T Weeknee" - 275th Infantry Regiment - A small, humorous newsletter for the enlisted men of the Antitank Company, 275th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division; published in May 1945 after V-E Day. [102d Inf] History, 102d Infantry Division, USAR - A short pocket history printed by the division in the late 1950s or early 1960s.
[14th Armd] Now It Can Be Told! (14th Armored) - History of Seventh Army's defense against the German Operation Nordwind in the Strasbourg region. [65th Inf] 65th Infantry Division, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, 1944 - Photographic history printed by the 65th Infantry at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.
[16th Armd] "The Sixteenth Armadillo" - 16th Armored Division newspaper from June 1945 issued in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.
Military Manuals & Training Publications
[Camouflage of Vehicles] FM5-20B: Camouflage of Vehicles - April 1944 version of the vehicle camouflage manual. Color images make this one of the more interesting WWII field manuals.     [Tankers in Tunisia] Tankers in Tunisia - Training manual for Armored Replacement Center at Fort Knox based on GI interviews in Tunisia in April 1943. Candid discussions of U.S. strengths and weaknesses.
[Handbook on German Military Forces] TM-E 30-451: Handbook on German Military Forces - March 1945 technical manual covering the German military's organization, tactics, and equipment. [FM 18-18: Crew Drill, M36 Gun Motor Carriage] FM 18-18: Crew Drill, M36 Gun Motor Carriage - Field manual covering crew training for the M36 tank destroyer armed with the 90-mm M3 gun.
[FM 6-20: Tactical Employment, Field Artillery] FM 6-20: Tactical Employment of Field Artillery - Field manual detailing the tactical role of field artillery in offensive and defensive operations. [FM 17-71: Crew Drill for Half-Track Vehicles] FM 17-71: Crew Drill for Half-Track Vehicles - Crew drill and training for rifle squads, light machine gun squads, and 60-mm mortar squads carried in half-tracks.
[FM 21-6: List of Publications for Training] FM 21-6: List of Publications for Training - List of field manuals, technical manuals, and technical regulations. [FM 17-76: Crew Drill and Service of the Piece, Medium Tank, M4 Series (105-mm Howitzer)] FM 17-76: Crew Drill and Service of the Piece, Medium Tank, M4 Series (105-mm Howitzer) - Crew drill, training, and maintenance for M4 armed with 105-mm howitzer.
[A Short Guide to Iraq] A Short Guide to Iraq - Soldier's guide to Iraq. [Pocket Guide to Iran] Pocket Guide to Iran - Soldier's guide to Iran.
[Captured] If You Should Be Captured, These Are Your Rights - War Department Pamphlet No. 21-7. [88-mm TM] TM E9-369A: German 88-mm Antiaircraft Gun Materiel - U.S. technical manual covering the 88-mm and related equipment.
[] Mobile Artillery vs. Jap Fortifications - Booklet describing weapons, vehicles and ammunition for the attack of fortifications. [90-mm A.P.] Armor-Piercing Ammunition for 90-mm Gun M3 - Performance of U.S. 90-mm gun against armor.
[T59] T59 Multiple Rocket Launcher, 10.75 inch - Experimental U.S. rockets for minefield clearance. [Recoilless Weapons] Recoilless Weapons - U.S. recoilless 57-mm and 75-mm rifles and 105-mm howitzer.
[Pvt. Droop] Pvt. Droop Has Missed The War! - War Department Pamphlet 21-10, June 1944. German Hand & Rifle Grenades - Diagrams of all major German grenades.
German Minefields at Alamein - Maps of German defenses at El Alamein. The Armored Group - ETO Study No. 51.
Armored Special Equipment - ETO Study No. 52. TM 9-294: 2.36-inch A.T. Rocket Launcher M1A1 - Technical manual for the bazooka.
[FM 18-5: Organization and Tactics of Tank Destroyer Units] FM 18-5: Organization and Tactics of Tank Destroyer Units - Tactical and organizational manual for tank destroyer units. [Enemy Ordnance] Catalog of Enemy Ordnance - German and Japanese equipment published by U.S. Office of Chief of Ordnance, 1945.
[TM-E 30-480: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces] TM-E 30-480: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces - U.S. technical manual covering Japanese military organization, tactics, and equipment.
Intelligence Publications
[Intelligence Bulletin] Intelligence Bulletin - List of articles by issue
   Tiger Tanks in the Battle for Florence - New Zealand troops battle the Tiger I (IB, 1/45)
New 88 and its Carriages - Model 1943 and mounts, Jagdpanther and Tiger II (IB, 1/45)
Tiger: New German Heavy Tank - Report on Tigers encountered in North Africa (IB, 6/43)
The German Mouse - Super-heavy Maus tank became a white elephant (IB, 3/46)
German Antitank Weapons - Pak, Flak, SP guns, Panzerfaust, and Panzerschreck (IB, 11/44)
Nebelwerfer 41 - Initial report on German rocket weapon, the "Screaming Mimi" (IB, 11/43)
Germany's Rocket and Recoilless Weapons - Nebelwerfer, Panzerfaust, etc. (IB, 3/45)
[Tactical and Technical Trends] Tactical and Technical Trends - List of articles by issue
   Vulnerability of Tiger Tanks - Russian article on tactics against the Tiger (T&TT, 12/43)
German Panther Tank - PzKpfw. V, the new German medium panzer (T&TT, 11/43)
German Heavy Tank PzKw 6 - Early report on new Tiger tank in North Africa (T&TT, 5/43)
[Information Bulletin] Information Bulletin
    ◊ No. 1: German Armored Car Reconnaissance (December 1941)
◊ No. 2: German Armored Assault Artillery (December 1941)
◊ No. 4: Employment of German Antitank Regiment on Non-Tank Missions (December 1941)
◊ No. 6: Notes on Japanese Warfare on the Malayan Front (January 1942)
◊ No. 11: The Battle of the Omars (April 1942)
◊ No. 16: Japanese Warfare: A Summary (May 1942)
◊ No. 18: The German Armored Division (June 1942)
◊ No. 20: German Methods of Warfare in the Libyan Desert (July 1942)
◊ No. 21: The British Capture of Bardia (December 1941 - January 1942): A Successful Infantry-Tank Attack (July 1942)
[Special Series] Special Series
    ◊ No. 1: British Commandos (August 1942)
◊ No. 2: The German Armored Army (August 1942)
◊ No. 4: The German Motorized Infantry Regiment (October 1942)
◊ No. 5: The Development of German Defensive Tactics in Cyrenaica—1941 (October 1942)
◊ No. 6: Artillery in the Desert (November 1942)
◊ No. 7: Enemy Air-Borne Forces (December 1942)
◊ No. 8: German Tactical Doctrine (December 1942)
◊ No. 10: German Antiaircraft Artillery (February 1943)
◊ No. 14: German Infantry Weapons (May 1943)
◊ No. 15: German Coastal Defenses (June 1943)
◊ No. 26: Japanese Tanks and Tank Tactics (November 1944)
[Special Series] Catalog of Enemy Ordnance
Articles from Army Publications
Yank: Enemy Vehicles - Evaluation of enemy vehicles at Aberdeen Ordnance Research Center (Yank).
US Tank Destroyers at Anzio - U.S. M10s at Anzio face German Tiger Is and Elefants (Field Artillery Journal).
Tank-Infantry Teamwork - Combat experience from both theaters (Combat Lessons).
Powered Artillery: German SP Guns - StuG III, Ferdinand, and Marder 38t (Recognition Journal).
Guns in the "Insect" Series - Brumbarr, Wespe, Hummel, and Nashorn (Recognition Journal).
The German Soldier - Excerpts from book by the Infantry Journal, an adaptation of a training film.
Fighting in Normandy - Combat experiences fighting in the Normandy hedgerows (Combat Lessons).
Tiger I and Tiger II - Tiger tank sections from U.S. technical manual Handbook on German Military Forces.
Ferdinand & the Panther - German Ferdinand self-propelled gun and Panther tank (Journal of Recognition).
In Development
[US Divisions] U.S. Divisions - Information on U.S. Divisions which fought in Europe, Italy, and North Africa: Unit history, Components, Commanders, Videos, Links, Medal of Honor Recipients, Corps, Campaigns, and Days in combat. (Under construction.)
[Misc] Miscellaneous Articles
German Tiger Tank in Allied Intelligence, U.S. WWII Travel Sites, Surviving Tiger Tanks, Tiger I Tanks in Normandy, Tiger Tank Abteilung, Tiger Tanks in Sicily, Panzer I, Panzer II, Online WWII Photo Sources, Surviving Jagdpanther Tanks, Panther Variants, Flammpanzer, German Panzer Production, SdKfz 250 Variants, SdKfz 251 Variants, SdKfz 234 Armored Cars, WW2 Acronyms, WW2 Phonetic Alphabet, Markings, Allied Operation Code Words, US Army Corps, Surviving Panzers, Surviving Jagdtigers, Surviving Ferdinands/Elefants, Surviving Sturmtigers, German WWII Mortars, Infantry Mortars, M4 Sherman Tank, Panzerfaust, Panzer IV Grislybär, Tiger Tank Replicas and Full-Scale Models, Tank Destroyer Battalions, Osprey Duel Series, WW2 Articles and Photographs
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